At the end of the First Love Marriage Conference, a special event awaited each couple. Praise music filled the room. A line formed in front of the cross. Each couple received a lock with a key and two silver rings. The purpose–to secure their love for one another to the cross. After attaching the rings to the lock and closing then closing it, they threw away the key. Tears emerged. Love flowed. Hearts united as one. God poured out His Spirit in such a powerful way. A tender moment forever remembered, never forgotten.

Reflective Life Ministries and Life Point Church in Baytown, TX teamed up to minister to married couples through RLM's First Love Marriage Conference. My husband, Fred, and I served as the speakers for this event. I can't express what a tremendous blessing it was to work with the Life Point Team, lead by Lenora Coates. I stand amazed at their heart of prayer. A week before the conference, as a church, the Life Point members fasted and prayed for each couple, the conference, Fred and I, and the whole event. The bathing of prayer led the way for realness to flow, small group connections, divine conversations, restoration and so much more. Read a few comments from some of the attendees...

"A spark a flame a fire....holy smoke this conference is awesome! Life Changing!"                                                                                                                              - Justina Page

"A beautiful two days! So thankful for Carla, her husband, Fred and Jessie's Team from LifePoint and my husband! I know with all my heart that Jesus was in the house and the Holy Spirit was working on all hearts and will continue working. God is on the move and continues to write our stories! I will trust in Him, for He writes the most beautiful love stories! So enjoyed the program, the resort, the food and the sweet tender moments! Hugs, love and continued prayers for all the beautiful couples God joined together! Let no man separate us! Our hearts and commitment to one another are locked on the Cross!" - Angela Williams

"We so desperately needed this weekend - what an incredible blessing this conference was to us. After reviewing my notes and praying Saturday evening, I think it's safe to say I have been forever changed by this weekend experience. At times, we have barely stayed afloat over the past year and this weekend offered us a chance to slow down and reflect on how God kept us from drowning. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by other Christians who were struggling along the same path and are determined to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus. A much-needed powerful weekend of spiritual nourishment." - anonymous

"We are extremely honored and thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from this power couple. Thank you, Fred & Carla McDougal, for the words of wisdom. God Bless you both & Reflective life ministries." - Heather Purvis

To me, this picture sums of the First Love Marriage Conference...


From My Heart to Yours,

Carla McDougal

Founder of Reflective Life Ministries